Review of Wicked Billionaire

By Sawyer Bennett

She calls him Dicklan.  He likes her outspoken sass. She is working 3 jobs to pay of a debt from her ex-husband, who left her for another dude.  He is the heir to fast Hotel Fortune.  She cares for her two disabled parents. He can hardly be in the safe room with his family. 

Never have two opposites attracted as hot and as hard as these two.

There is magic in the Wicked Horse Series.  I love that these very passion filled stories are told in such an intense and romantic way. This is a story of two souls finding each other when they were least expecting it and both fighting against while delivering a very tasteful amount of spice to the story.

Bailey is an amazing character.  Her life is hard, and she easily could have given up and just rolled over and excepted defeat. But she doesn’t.  She is saddled with a ton of credit card debt that her ex-husband racked up while covering up an affair he was having with another man.  But instead of letting it get her down she works as a housekeeper for the Blackwood Resort, a blackjack dealer, uber driver and sometimes a waitress.  Her parents have health issues, but she isn’t angry about it, she does all she can to help them. She loves and cares for them deeply. 

Declan is a man use to getting what he wants.  He doesn’t do the whole relationship thing. He feels woman are just using him for his financial and social status. He is leery of anyone that clings on to him. When Bailey speaks up to help Declan solve a problem, he offers her the job as his Personal Assistant, all the while fighting a strong and real attraction to her. 

This book was full of instant chemistry and it never let up.  I loved every hot second of it.  The added character of Declan’s childhood nanny goes a long way to show the human and nurturing side of him.

I love the stories Sawyer Bennett writes.  They never disappoint. There is such a great balance of steam and romance in them.  This was a 5/5 read for me. Really more like a 20/5. While Declan comes off as a bit of an ass, he does have some very swoony moments. He is in the running for a book boyfriend title!