Review: At First Meet by Carrie Ann Ryan

Rating: 4/5   PoP:42%   Montgomery Ink Legacy Book 2

Lake Montgomery always feels like she has something to prove even when she has been wildly successful. A past relationship has left her doubting herself and her instincts. Nick Gatlin has been part of Lake’s life for a long time and even though they bicker with each other constantly, he is always there when she needs him. Even if it is a stand-in boyfriend for a business retreat. When the tension between the two can no longer be ignored, they both must confront their past to move forward. 

I like that Lake is the one with the power so to speak in this relationship. She is working hard to change the world and Nick is very supportive of that. These two have been friends/enemies for quite some time so we do not see that get to know you stage of the relationship. They know a lot about each other already but really find the full support and encouragement that they were afraid to give into before. Nick comes off a bit pessimistic but he just wants to be the one to care for Lake as she cares for the world. 

There was outside drama that directly affected each of these characters and therefore their relationship. These two have a very mature relationship but realize that they need to figure some things out to have a clear future together. I would have liked to see a bit more of them dealing with their problems together but at the same time it is what worked for them. We get a lead into Sebastian’s book at the end and it is heartbreaking. However, the hope for a future HEA is what will keep us coming back.