Take a Number is a Rom-Com done right!  Dean and Norah’s story is the perfect balance of funny, sexy, and swoon-worthy fake-dating.  Having read the previous books in this series, I was anticipating Dean Moser’s story. Norah Donahue is the perfect heroine for Dean.  She is smart and sassy and gives as much as Dean spews out.  

Amy Daws writes characters that are captivating, easy to relate too and I quickly fell in love with Norah and Dean’s story. Dean is investing in Norah’s bakery and when they both need a date to a couple of events; they decide to team up. Honestly, it was a solid plan, right?

The characters were incredible. I really connected with Dean and Norah and their entire gang of friends. They balanced and complimented each other so well.  There was plenty of steam in this story.  Lots of smoking HOT chemistry together. Dean and Norah, while they sometimes seem like complete opposites their HEA is well deserved.   

I love the fake dating/fake relationship trope.  When this trope is done well it can create so many moments of laughter and swoon, Take a Number is a solid example of this. The journey to happily ever after wasn’t always easy, and there were some hiccups along the way. This might be the funniest and sexist book I have read from Amy Daws.  I was riveted from the first chapter to the last and really didn’t want this book to end.  4.5/5 Star Read