Review: Just the Two of Us

This was such a fun and amazing book! It really started off the series with a bang! I am already looking for the next book!
The story revolves around a blunt and cold doctor who only ever shows kindness to his children patients and a chef who has a fear of men. Doctor Soohyuk is known for not having great people skills but being an amazing doctor in his field. He wonders upon Yuna’s restaurant and just can’t seem to keep away from her.
Both characters are complex and have deep traumas, they seem to find a safe space with each other. I absolutely fell in love with these characters and this story. This is truly a love story. A low to trust and love story. Honestly, this book is strong on the emotions, a soft romance. This is absolutely the grump who can only be light when he is with the other half of his heart. I can’t not wait for book 2 to see where their journey leads.