Review: Crash Into You

By JH Croix

Two souls never needed each other as much as Daphne and Flynn needed each other.  This emotional fish out of water romance was just what my soul needed. 

Daphne is a southern princess escapes the demands of her life after losing her son to brain cancer and during her son’s death.  To make matters worse she finds out her husband has cheated on her with her so called friend.  Her ex-husband is employed by the investment firm her father owns.  Daphne thinks a month in Alaska as she approaches the year anniversary of her life falling apart might be just the thing to escape the pressures of home and find herself again with in the grief and heartache.

Flynn has been playing the rescuer forever.  Former ex Airforce piolet returns home to care for his siblings when his mother passes way.  Flynn is one of the hardest more success drive characters we have met in a while.  He is doing everything he can to make his Alaskan Adventure company profitable in order to provide education for his young siblings. 

The meet cute between Flynn and Daphne is typical but still funny.  Daphne is tuck on the side of the road headed to the resort when Flynn sees her from the air as he is landing and comes to her rescues. There is a bear and everything! Proximity plays a huge part in this story line. They keep getting thrown together since she’s staying at his resort. He’s trying to be everything to everyone.

The book is well written and overflowing with emotion. Tissues will be needed! Their chemistry was off the charts and there is some steam while they both find their place. This was a solid 4 read.  Some typical expected trope responses in the story take away the freshness to the story. But overall I really enjoyed it and encourage others to check it out!