Review: The Lights on Knockbridge Lane by Roan Parrish

Rating: 5/5
Steam 3/5
Tropes: emotional trauma, holiday romance, meet-cute, read, single dad, small town romance, LGBTQ+
Series: Garnet Run Book 3

This was one of the most endearing, small-town romance I have read in a very longtime.

Single Dad Adam live a fairly chaotic at times life but his priority always is his daughter August, aka Gus. Adam is back to Garnet Run, after moving away over a decade ago and never wanting to go back there again. But a messy divorce and having to look out for his daughter made him move back to where his sibling River is still living. Since the end of his last relationship, Gus basically loses her other father and both characters are still figuring life out without that jackhole Mason. Fatherhood wasn’t for Mason.  He tried for a while but eventually realized it wasn’t for him. This understandably has a huge impact into how protective Adam is of both himself and Gus.

Holy Adorable Meet Cute Batman! A freaking Breaks in! Wes is the neighbor across the street who according to the townspeople, is rumored to be a vampire. Gus is eight years old and really into science and…unusual pets. So, when finding out about their new weird vampire neighbors collection of extremely unusual pets she breaks into his house only to get immediately caught.
It was so sweet to see Wes’ walls slowly come down the more and more time he spends with Adam and Gus.

I loved to meet River and the other two Garnet Run couples again briefly too.

This was a happy, cheerful, Christmas romance through and through. It might actually be my favorite Holiday romance! The pure joy and happiness of this romance was so wonderfully done.  But it also explores some very important themes.