Offside with #55 | Piper Rayne

I feel like I have been waiting for Kane to find love FOREVER, but really it’s only been a year and we have been given so many amazing couples in this series.  And sassy Jana.  Well, I knew this girl was going to fall super hard.  Friends.  I think this might be my favorite book in the series.  I know it is a VERY BOLD statement.  BUT Kane and Jana are just that great.  From the first page (and the tease in Cory’s book).  These two have some serious explosive chemistry!

Jana is so driven and sort of has a one track mind, business.  She is excited and a little anxious to take over her fathers position of owner of the Florida Fury.  Talk about pressure.  But when her father offers the head coaching position to her friends with benefits.

Readers really didn’t get to know Kane all that well, he was the guy that was always there supporting his friends and their ladies but not many really knew him.  When he was offered a coaching position he took it because life without hockey doesn’t seem imaginable.  To his surprise he is an excellent coach, however, no one else was surprised. 
Piper Rayne does banter like no other, and this book is no different.  The banter is perfect.  Jana is sassy and Kane knows exactly how to put her in her place.  As they embark on a new type of relationship it’s not all smooth sailing and they are at odds.  The sexual tension between the pair is epic and I was waiting for them to tear each others clothes off! Jana and Kane emotionally grew a lot during this book, especially both taking on new roles and realizing that having someone to share life with makes things like that much better. I also enjoyed seeing Jana and Paisley’s relationship from Jana’s perspective.  

There are some seriously amazing scenes with Ford and Warner that in itself are worth the price of admission, those two make me laugh each time they are on the page!  I can’t believe that this is the final book in the Hockey Hottie’s series, I adore each of these books and I am so sad that it is over. I hope that we get more of this epic crew in the next series….the tease is amazing!