Bad Pucking Timing | Michele Lenard

Nico is fresh out of the NHL draft and on the precipice of all of his dreams coming true.  He meets a guy in a bar and they have an epic one night stand, and he can’t stop thinking about it.  Once he is back after signing his first contract with an NHL team his dream guy is still in the forefront of his mind…even if he is unable to be “out” the way he would want….it’s his lifelong dream of the NHL or living his life authentically.  

Xander is a broody grumpy guy that likes what he likes. He has an artist heart and has no time for relationships, and he for sure isn’t going back into the closet.  Not since his last heartbreak.  So when he comes face to face with his last one night stand, he hasn’t stopped thinking about how everything changes.  

This book is NOT a slow burn, and wowzer … .Nico and Xander cannot keep their hands off each other! Their chemistry was explosive, and I love how their encounters changed over time, and you could really feel the emotion that this pair had for one another.  I especially appreciated how Lenard broached the subject of Niko not being “out” and how being out in a professional sport might impact someone’s career.  To be honest, my heart hurt for Xander and Nico.  They truly are a pair that complements each other, and provides each other the emotional support that they both so desperately need.  As well as friendship, while they might also be lovers, they are friends first and foremost (even if they might not see that either). The friend group that this duo creates is so amazing, and I need so much more of Tripp…and Noah.  Oh my stars!! Oh and Luca there is definitely something there!   There is also a twist on a popular trope, that I WILL NOT SPOIL because it is so good!!! The resolution and HEA is literally the best. So perfect for Nico and Xander.  I truly loved every single thing about this book and hope we get more from this friend group so we can get more sneak peeks into their lives! If you like a found family, broody heroes, friends with serious banter, and a fair amount of Star Wars and SuperHero references with some serious heat this book is definitely for you!