Platonic Rulebook | Saxon James

In book one of the series we met Griffin and Heath.  They are the best of friends.  After a long marriage that has fizzled, Griffin has found himself single for the first time since his teens.  He is now in his 40’s.  He expected that he would be excited for hot hookups and exploring his bi-sexuality.  Instead it all feels daunting, and so unlike him.  His long time best friend is there to support him in his launch into the single world.  I loved the anticipation of Griffin’s launch back into the single world. And the variety of emotions he feels because it is a whole lot of change for someone, especially someone that likes consistency. 

Heath is excited for his best friend to explore his new single life.  But Heath’s life isn’t without some big changes, too.  He has been looking after his mom after his father’s death but distance presents challenges.  And maybe a bigger change is in order for him.  Heath is one of my favorite characters in this group of friends. He is funny, playful, so caring, and very take charge.  This man can run the motel that Griffin and Poppy own and operate.  I am a little jealous that Griffin gets to be his best friend.  

Heath and Griffin had such a solid friendship that stemmed from years and years of memories and trust.  And when the line was crossed their connection was combustible.  So stinkin hot.  The connection that these two have is so evident on every single page, and not a soul that meets would doubt that they are meant to be together.  They are such an epic pair and complement each other in so many ways. I know I said it before, but it deserves to be said again; their physical chemistry was so stinkin hot.  

Be on the lookout for little breadcrumbs that Saxon gave her readers throughout this book because they are incredible.  She really left readers wanting more and more of not only this friend group but all of her cast of characters. (Ahhhhem, Felix I am looking at you!!!) If you are a fan of friends to lovers, MM, small town, a great friend group, workplace romance, and adorable couples you need to pick this book up today!