Review: Jock Wanted by Kate Meader

Rating: 4/5
Series: Rookie Rebels #6
Series Type: Standalone Series
Tropes: Hockey Romance, Fake Relationship, Close Proximity, Age-Gap, Stern Brunch Daddy
POP: 38%

A Fake Relationship Romance like non other.  I was so in love with this story. Reading the first 2 chapters I wasn’t sure where this was going, and I did hesitate for about 5 seconds but once I realized how things were not always as they seemed I was 100% all in! 

This story of Hale and Tara is so much more than meets the eyes.  They are such flawed characters.  It takes a very special and amazing author to take such flawed and divisive characters and show tremendous growth and have you as their #1 champion by the end of the book. 

Hale is so stoic. He is so deteremined to not like Tara. He is attracted to her but feels she is nothing more than a pretty face. He also doesn’t think she is trust worthy. So he goes out of his way to “oversee” her media only relationship with one of his players. Hale has past experience with Tara’s type. His ex wife only wanted the glitz and glamour that comes with being associated with a pro athlete. Yet once Hale is able to truly see Tara for who she is and the true person she hides behind her outward shell he is all in.

Tara has her reasons to put on a persona for the world to see. She hides her heart and by doing so has secrets. Even her closest friends do not all that is going on with Tara. At the end of the day Tara has compartmentalized her life in order to never leave her heart exposed.

I love a hockey romance. I love the team dynamic and the build in community you got from these types of Romances.  I worry sometimes when a story is labeled hockey but at least one of the characters I not a player. Hale in this story is the General Manager.  But this books has a ton of the team dynamic. And event though Hale is retired you absolutely get the teammate support aspect with the retired players.
I will be raving about Jock Wanted for the foreseeable future. Add this to your TBR! This is a must read!