Review: Along Came You by Claudia Burgoa

Rating: 4/5  PoP: 45%  Paradise Bay Billionaire Brothers Book 3

Elliot McPhee has made a living of running from his past. His life has come with disaster and heartbreak, so he is avoiding any repeat hurt at all cost. But when he sees Fern Spearman, life begins to take a new path. Fern is a mothering character that is always trying to care for her siblings, keep the peace, and run a successful charity to help others succeed. And like a mother, she often does not take care of herself first. 

Elliot and Fren met by chance but share an undeniable attraction from the start. Elliot is the enigma of man to Fren as the pieces he lets her see do not always fit together. Of course their relationship grows into something more but can they expect it to last? As secrets are revealed and pasts are reflected upon, they find their way back to each other. Elliot begins to shine in a role he thought had passed and Fren finds a work/life balance with the support she deserves. 

As with any Claudia book there are so many connections to characters we already love. Fitz is Elliot’s lawyer (if it isn’t him it has to be Bassard, right?) and it was so nice to see him happy and planning a wedding. Elliot is the ex-husband of Hazel from Perfect for Me, Scott Everhart’s book. He did not get the girl in that book but the right one found him in this one. And the conversation with Lysander and Fern near the end has me wondering what other secrets this Spearman branch is keeping.