Mine to Honor | Natasha Madison

I am a total sucker for friends to lovers, and best friends to lovers, well it is safe to say it is my favorite trope! 

I really appreciate how much time Natasha took to really show us how strong of a friendship Eva and Levi really had.  They truly are the best of friends and make their friendship and each other priority. Both Eva and Levi have demanding careers and are focused on their careers and a little bit on their love lives.  

Eva is in a place in her life where she is making things happen and she is getting to enjoy the fruits of her labor so to speak.  She is a successful business owner, and bought a house that she loves.  She enjoys spending time with her sister and niece, and of course her best friend Levi.

Levi works hard and plays harder! He loves to spend time with the ladies and has no interest in settling down….he is 100% okay with Eva being the only girl in his life.  He also works long hours at his own business. 

When Eva finds herself the primary caregiver of her niece she needs Levi to do

I love how Levi, maybe hesitant at first, was all in.  He jumped in with two feet and did whatever he could to make things easier for Eva.  The way he was just there and did what she needed and supported made me melt for Levi! It wasn’t long until CiCi had him wrapped around his finger.  Reading these two navigate living with one another and parenting was so realistic! Natasha did a fantastic job writing sleep deprived  and worried caregivers still trying to keep their lives together!  While this might be a little more of a slow burn than Natasha usually gives us, but friends it is so worth it! And once they give in to their attraction to each other they literally light the sheets on fire!!! Levi and Eva were literally made for one another, and it seemed like it took them forever to catch on because they were magic! Not only did they have some serious sexual chemistry, their relationship thrived because of the friendship that they had built over the years!