Tristano | Cala Reily

To say that I was excited to be back in New York with Cala Reily’s mafia men is a huge understatement.  HUGE.  I love the mafia universe of questionable men with a strong moral compass, a passion to keep people safe, and the ability to work together for the greater good!  There isn’t a mafia guy in their world that is more deserving of love, and really a longing for love than Tristano.  He loves his found family fiercely and longs to have his own family.   He cares deeply for those around him and works hard to keep them safe.  I thoroughly enjoyed his perspective and role in the family, as technology is becoming more important in this day and age. 

Serena always wanted to follow in her family’s footsteps and work on the police force.  She thought that she was living the dream, but really wasn’t feeling that she wasn’t making the difference in the world that she had hoped.  She just wants to take down the bad guys that do terrible things to others.  

The chance meeting that brings these two unlikely people together and ties them together…it was evident at their first meeting that Tristano and Serena were brought together for a reason.  They are drawn to one another so intensely, and no matter the time, space or people trying to pull them apart, it will sever their connection.  For the majority of the book I was on the edge of my seat; this might be one of the more intense Cala Reily books I have read to date. There is a lot going on and Tristano is focused on one thing, and that is Serena.  A team of mafia men around the country band together to locate her and hopefully take down a criminal organization.  After years and years of yearning for one another they are finally together, and oh my goodness.  The tension, the connection and the way that in the midst of everything these two cannot keep their hands off each other is amazing.  But most of all it highlights that these two really truly belong together. They are just better together than apart.  Serena isn’t afraid to put Tristano in his place and call him on his bullshit, and he helps her to see things from another view. 
If you love a mafia series with a strong sense of family, a man that will do anything for the woman he loves, other mafia families working together then this book needs to be on your radar.  I promise you will be so happy you dove into this series! 

Before you read this book; PLEASE PLEASE check the trigger warnings! 

**Available on Kindle Unlimited**