Quick Shot of Romance Call Me Crazy by Melanie Harlow

On This episode of a Quick Shot of Romance We are reviewing  Call Me Crazy by Melanie Harlow.  This is book 3 in the Bellamy Creek Series.  

Joining Becky this time is Lindsey. You might have noticed that we have had rotating hosts on our Quick Shot of Romance Episodes.  All of the lovely co-host with Leah and myself are part of our Fancy Drinks Tier on Patreon.  This is just one of the cool perks of being a part of Patreon.  

Synopsis:  From Good Reads 
It was the perfect plan. I needed a wife—temporarily—in order to inherit the family business. And she needed a favor—the kind that takes nine months to deliver.
We had it all worked out, from the no-touching policy on our wedding night (her rule) to the no-falling-in-love decree (mine). She’d marry me, I’d give her the means to have the baby she’d always wanted, and one year later we’d amicably part ways with no hassle, no demands, and certainly no regrets.
After all, Bianca DeRossi and I are experts at infuriating one another—we’ve been doing it since we were kids. Trouble is, she grew up gorgeous and feisty, and she still knows exactly how to get under my skin.
And that wedding night? Well, it doesn’t exactly go down hands-free
Then she moves in with me, and I really start to lose my mind. From her sexy little pout to her wicked sense of humor to those meatball sandwiches she makes just because she knows they’re my favorite . . . I find myself wanting to break every rule we put in place.
Our story was never supposed to end with happily ever after
But call me crazy, I just might be in love with my wife. 

Release Date: Feb 22, 2021
Trope: childhood friends, fake relationship, marriage of convenience, enemies to lovers, 
Steam Level:  4 /5
Angst: 4 /5 

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Did you like this book?
Lindsey: I loved this book. Melanie Harlow is a one click author for me & I’ve read all of her books multiple times. Enzo is one of my favorite characters & I especially love how she gave a nod to her Speak Easy duet, which takes place back in the 1920’s.
Becky:  I really did. I have only read a few books by Melanie Harlow but she is quickly becoming a one click buy for me. 

Who would typically like the book? 

Lindsey: I am biased. I believe most fans of romance would enjoy this book, but Melanie Harlow books are especially well suited to people who are new to romance. There is so much more to her books than the love story. There are some emotional scenes between Enzo and his parents about growing up and needing a nudge to go after what he wants in the sense of now vs “eventually maybe someday” and Bianca’s struggle with fertility and love, the story is very steamy, romantic, and runs the gamut from fake relationship between two people who see each other as “enemies” to building respect, friendship, and eventually a loving relationship.
Becky: It is a very well done Fake Relationship trope.  Because of that there is some angst.  Also the emotional piece of the fertility issues..  I think this is for the person looking for an emotional story that causes all the feels!

Would you recommend this book?
Lindsey: Absolutely.
Becky: I absolutely will.  It is sexy and emotional. It is a book that pulls you in and leaves you feeling all the emotions. 

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