Rom-Coms for the win!!!  The Girl Next Door another great Rom-com offering from the talented Emma Hart.

Ivy – she a little bit overly dramatic but I love her.  She is so right if book worms were not reading, we would rule the world. I love her sassy.  I love her spunk. Her moments of self-doubt are relatable.  Circumstances can sometimes lead to false feelings, but I am so glad the ice cream helped and moved her forward. 

Kai is swoon worthy and sexy.  I loved how Ivy thinks God gave all the beauty that day to Kai.  He is truly a good guy! I really liked him and his acceptance of Ivy and her schemes.  I love the care and effort he puts in to being a part of things with Ivy even when she resist. 

One-Night Stand + No Condom + Neighbor = Not the best idea.  Ending up pregnant from said one night stand lead to so many great moments in this story.  Seriously.

I can’t wait to visit more of the Bookworm world.  The Grandma is a hoot I imagine that the other grands are going to lead to so many laughs. 

In true Emma Hart fashion create story line movement, wonderful banter and laugh out loud moments.  If you love a surprise baby romcom this is a must read.  This was a 4/5 read for me.  I really just wanted more of Ivy’s revelations to accept Kai and his feelings.