Alpha Mountain Warrior | Renee Rose & Vanessa Vale

The dynamic between the Alpha Mountain crew is unmatched.  I love them all, and of course Mrs. L makes me so happy.  Kennedy has intrigued me from the start.  I felt like he was hiding a lot from pretty much anyone.  The man is a shameless flirt and gets a lot of attention from females, and he also likes to pay attention to the females. But I always felt like there was so much more to him.  And to be honest, I love when a former playboy falls.  

Quincy is one badass female.  She is a former pilot and has worked with this crew when they were all enlisted.  I love how she fits in with the guys so well but also has her crew of girlfriends in her new town.  From page one of the prologue Vale and Rose had us on the edge of our seats and the dynamic between Kennedy and Quincy was stellar.  They have some serious banter and Quincy loves nothing more than to put Kennedy in his place!  As the book unfolds we get to learn a lot about Quincy, and while she might come across as confident and in control internally that is not always what she is feeling.  The relationship that she has with her family fascinated me from the start, and as it unfolded it intrigued me more.  

Kennedy and Quincy struggle to keep their hands off of each other, and think that they are so sneaky.  Their chemistry and connection is stellar.  They seem to understand and get each other like no one else has ever been able to.  They really become a perfect pair.  Kennedy supports Quincy and stands back while she is a badass pilot, but is also her soft spot to land.  Quincy supports Kennedy in his dreams and how he wants his life to play out.  Witnessing these two who refused to let people fall in love was a pleasure and I hope that we get more of them in this series! Another amazing book from this author duo!