Review: Icing by Jami Davenport

When Opposites Attract you sometimes get the best story. 

Steele is a hockey player for the Seattle Sockeyes, he also is the lone single man left amongst his Puck Brothers. He is happy to be single and to finally have his apartment all to himself so when he comes back home and he finds out he must share it with the chaotic Hyacinth, her dog Herc and the party animal Ziggy he goes nuclear. He tries to make them leave but soon he understands he is stuck with them and little by little he gets used to them.
Hyacinth is an activist; she has a lot of projects to save the natural environment. When living with her mother becomes too hard, she happily accepts to sublet Kaden’s apartment even if she has to share it with the strictest man she knows.
They come from worlds apart, Steele is the son of two rules enforcers while Cin’s mother is a rule breaker, she is an activist extremist. Steele likes a black and white world with not even a hint of grey.   Cin lives in color.

I did enjoy Icing.  I was caught in Steele and Hyacinth’s whirlwind relationship. This story has some great banter.  It is a fun and engaging story.