Review: Force of Nature by Skye Warren & Amelia Wilde

Rating 2/5
Book 1 of a Trilogy
Trope: Forced Proximity, MFM, Midnight Dynasty,

This is a good story but a little predictable. 

A tale as old as time a man with secrets and an innocent almost naive woman is in danger because of those secrets. They end up crashing on an island.

This is book one of a trilogy. It focuses on the pull the couple feel towards each other. Also the harshness of their surroundings. Survival and desire and how this forced proximity leads to choices and desire.

An added character on the island add an unexpected element to the story.  

So, they are struggling to survive and find a way to be rescued but the added elements of lust. I had my own doubts about this character, especially when it came to how his role and how it affects Carter Morelli and June Porter. I wasn’t completely sold on the ménage relationship considering that it was mostly founded on nothing more than lust.   

The writing was repetitive at best.  The inner dialogue of the characters goes over the same things over and over. I was really kind of bored with it and found myself skipping pages.  For the characters to be this overcome with lust while fighting for their lives every step of their way through the jungle just felt ridiculous.

This story is a bit messy with lots of sub plots that bog down the story.  The book does have a bad 70’s B movie feel and a shocking cliffhanger but it is not enough to have me engaging for book 2.  This was just not a book for me.