Review: Doctor Heartless by J Saman

Rating: 5/5
Series: Boston Billionaires book 3
Tropes: Single Dad, Meet-cute, One Night Stand, Widower, Neighbor, Family Series, Damaged Hero,
PoP: 9%

EVERY TIME!  EVERY TIME!  Every time I pick up a book by J Saman no way will it be another book boyfriend. 

Oh shnikies does Landon get the honor of a book boyfriend, he is 100% my favorite Fritz at this moment. 

Landon is so different than his brothers. He is weighted down by his grief of losing his wife and wanting to be everything for his daughter.  He is gruff and on guard against everyone, he has walls!  Landon does not think he deserve happiness or to find joy.  Landon feels things deeply and I love that about him. Every action he takes is thought out and weighed.  The Dad and daughter moments in this story will bring all the feels.  Stella is an amazing character in her own right and add just one more level to this story.  

Ellery is so optimistic when she shouldn’t be.  She has left a terrible marriage behind She is embark on her life living it to the fullest.   A new city, new life and a new perspective.  Ellery values herself again. 

Holy Chemistry!  The connection between Ellery and Landon ignites from their hellos.   I do not want to give anything away, but this book is so good. It has such big feels and passion. I loved Landon’s evolution as a character. The realization that he can love again. That there is room in his heart for more than the life he lost and his daughter.    

One of the things I love about J Saman’s books is the small glimpses we get of past characters, it just confirms their HEAs are on track and are spectacular!  Every book by the author I have read has left a last impression on my heart. The biggest impression being Landon, Stella and Ellery.