Controlled Burn | Marie James

Blackbridge Security has quickly become one of my favorite series, and I anticipate their release!  Finnegan was a little bit of a mystery and I could wait for him to find the woman that would bring him to his knees. And this man fell.  And had some serious whiplash.  

Kendall is a single mom down on her luck living with her brother in his small condo with three children.  She is working hard to get herself out of the situation, but the setbacks keep coming.  These setbacks end up with her agreeing to live with Finn…this series of events was amazing.  And so much fun to read.  Finn and Kendall have amazing banter, with so many laugh out loud moments, and copious amounts of flirting.  I really struggled to relate to Kendall at first.  So if you don’t fall in love right away, give it time. This girl is resilient and a fierce lioness when it comes to her children.  Finn immediately falls into the role of provider and protector, and it is a role he fills perfectly.  The pair took their time to allow intimacy, but it made sense, and any other way would have been very rushed.  Finn and Kendall had undeniable chemistry that lit the page of fire.  And the suspense had me on the edge of my seat and unable to stop reading.  I loved how the team was involved, but not as a whole just a few.  Wren has long been a favorite of mine, but him in a new role made me love this man even more.  And if  you think Puff Daddy is amazing just wait! I also appreciated how involved the children were.  Often in single parent romances the children take a backseat, but not in this case.   They were a priority and the ups and downs of parenting were 100% authentic! I really appreciated that! 

A heads up for the reader, this book ends in an explosive fashion leading us into the next book. You are FOR SURE going to want to dive in right away….if cliffhangers are not your jam maybe wait until the next release, because this is NOT a standalone.  The introduction to the next book is amazing and fabulous and leaves us wanting more….and in all honesty it’s like nothing I’ve read in her previous books! It is really great for those of us that like a little suspense! 😉 

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and loved Finn and Kendall together.  For me it is a must read because this series is wonderful.