Black Velvet by Lynn Raye Harris

POV: 3rd Person Multi
PoP: 67%
Tropes: Slow Burn; Protector Romance; Forced Proximity; Shy Heroine; Found Family; Heroine in Danger
Series: Black Bandits Book 7
Type of Series: Series of Standalones
Rate:  4/5 Stars
Release Date: September 17, 2022

Roberta “Robbie” Sharpe is a romance author who has caught a stalker. She has been through some emotional upheaval in the past few years, and it has affect her writing, but adding a new stalker into the mix changes a lot. Her publishing company has decided to take charge and make her hire an in-house bodyguard. A plan that Robbie is not thrilled with, but enter Dax Freed and Robbie things perhaps it won’t be so bad after all. Dax himself is skeptical about this assignment because it requires him to act as a the boyfriend when the two of them are in public, and he isn’t sure how he feels about that. However, when these two meet in person they connect on a level that they never expected. I am loving this series, the found family of the BDI team is a connection that I look for in a series.

One thing that really works in this book is the fact that these two truly work to pull each others best qualities from each other. There are no moments of trying to change the other, but rather bring out their inner strengths. These are two people who thrive together. If you haven’t read any of the BDI series, you can read these out of order, but you don’t want to miss out on any of these stories.