Review: Wingspan by Cambria Hebert

Rating: 3.5/5  PoP: 59%  A Westbrook Elite Standalone

Jamie Owens is the Elite swim team’s best butterfly swimmer. He is a charming and pretty laid back guy that lives for swimming at the moment. Then he meets Madison Hartley. Madison is a girl that keeps everyone at arm’s length or further. Her and Rory bonded over shared trauma in the first Westbrook Elite book. After this trauma Jamie provided her a safe place for one of the first times in her life. Madison tries to fight the attraction she feels for Jamie, but he is not giving up on her. 

I like that Madison was comfortable with telling Jamie she was not sure she could have a relationship. And Jamie was a perfect balance of accepting and protective. I thought this book was going to be kind of repetitive but then a shocking twist comes right as the characters are making progress. Madison secrets have to be shared in order to protect herself and others. This forces the relationship of Jamie and Madison to quickly become more. 

I do like the structure of this college aged romance series. That the most adored athletes are swimmers and everyone comes from prestigious families. It eliminates the emonincal disparity we often see in college fiction and makes the point of conflict something besides means. I am interested to see how this world continues to build.