Books Like- Perfectly Imperfect Series by Neva Altaj

Unlocking the Intrigue: Dive into Mafia Romance Gems like Perfectly Imperfect Series by Neva Altaj

Looking for Books like Perfectly Imperfect Series by Neva Altaj? Finding yourself desperate for another morally grey heroes, age gaps, and over the top protectors? If so, you’ll want to check out comparable books like Here are 10 books I think you should check out that have similar vibes to Perfectly Imperfect Series by Neva Altaj.

“Discover Mafia Romances akin to Perfectly Imperfect Series by Neva Altaj”

If you’re captivated by the gripping narratives and over-the-top protectors found in Neva Altaj’s Perfectly Imperfect Series, then you’re in for a treat. Dive into a curated selection of books that share the same allure, promising dynamic characters, steamy encounters, and intricate family ties. Here are some must-read titles to satisfy your craving for adrenaline-pumping romance with a dangerous twist.

Syndicate Series by Cala Riley
Immerse yourself in the world of Matteo and the Syndicate Series, where multiple mafia families intertwine in a saga filled with dynamic characters and top-tier spice.

Ivanov Crime Family Series by Zoe Blake
Begin with Savage Vow, the first book in this standalone series, offering a thrilling journey through the Ivanov Crime Family’s world.

Ruthless Obsession Series by Zoe Blake
Explore standalone tales within the Ruthless Obsession Series, showcasing family ties reminiscent of the Perfectly Imperfect Series.

Violent God by Sarah Bale
Indulge in the forced proximity and spicy encounters of Violent God, a captivating release from Sarah Bale.

Savage Games by Lane Hart
Experience age-gap romance with a twist in Savage Games, promising kinky encounters and an irresistible storyline.

When She Unravels by Gabrielle Sands
Journey to Italy and immerse yourself in the world of mafia romance with When She Unravels, the first book in a loosely connected series.

Dante by Sadie Kincaid
Delve into age-gap romance with Dante, where sparks fly between the characters amidst mafia intrigue.

Master of Sins by Sienna Snow
Prepare for twists, turns, and secrets galore in Master of Sins, offering a captivating age-gap mafia romance.

Gorgeous Monster by Charity Ferrel
Fall for the irresistible lead, Cristian Marchetti, in Gorgeous Monster, a captivating mafia romance reminiscent of Ruined Secrets.

Valentino Family Series by Kylie Kent
Explore the resilient female protagonists and age-gap romance within the Valentino Family Series, filled with intrigue and stalking suspense.

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