Sinner’s Secret | K. Loraine & Meg Anne

As soon as I read the blurb for this book I knew that I needed to read it ASAP.  I literally devoured this book in one evening.  This is cowboy, mafia involved, family drama, why choose, former Military, some MC, shady business practices, and some small town vibes/elite circles, but also dark and twisted.  The teasers suggested that this book gives Yellowstone vibes, which is a favorite of mine. I wasn’t sure if it would work but I was extremely hopeful.  And boy did this book deliver!  River Davis is in love with her best friend, Walker Cross’ older brother, Daniel Cross Jr. and her best friend is in love with her. After one night with Junior she is sent away without a word and starts a new life in Alaska on a new life far away from her life in Texas.  After 10 years of being away she is summoned back.  River is drawn to both of the Cross brothers, and Walker makes his move while Junior likes to pretend River still doesn’t affect him.  But the cross ranch hand, Sterling Bishop also has his eyes on River as well.  While River is drawn to all three men she is also determined to find out the events surrounding her parents death.

Walker Cross has been in love with his best friend for the last at least 13+ years.  Walker gives off major golden retriever energy for River  but is also clearly dangerous and isn’t afraid to involve himself in the shader side of his family’s business.  While people are after Walker and his family his major focus is still on River. He backed down once, but he is not going to do that again. I will be honest, I felt for Walker so much.  It is so evident that he loves River and his heart was shattered when she left.  There is so much hurt in their pasts.

Daniel Cross Junior is unsettled now that River Davis is back in town, and living on the family ranch.  Junior does not want River to have her nose in his business and wants to keep her in the dark.  But he is drawn to this woman and continues to reflect back on their one night together.  The sexual tension is written so darn well, and I thought these two might explode with lust for one another.  While these two want to despise each other the truth is they are drawn to each other. 

Sterling Bishop or Bishop to most, is a newer ranch hand at the Cross ranch.  He is former military and is carrying around a lot of trauma from his time as a SEAL.  But one look at River Davis and he is pulled into her orbit.  Sterling is intense and seems to have eyes everywhere.  But he is really focused on River and her safety.  While his trauma prevents him from showing the same affection to River as other men, it in no way shape or form takes away from their pull and sexual chemistry.  I am so looking forward to what River and Sterling have together in the next book, I know it is going to burn hot.  

This is a ‘why choose’ romance where the heroine is involved with all three men, and ends on a cliffhanger.  Don’t fear book #2 release is very very soon (9/16/23 to be exact)! If you have content or trigger warnings I encourage you to check the authors website before reading.  If you are a fan of dark angsty romances with deception and drama this book should be on your TBR.  Twisted CRoss Ranch series is going to be amazing, and to say I am looking forward to book #2 is a big understatement!

* I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 


Rating: 4 (just because it is a cliffhanger…)
POV: First person triple POW
POP: 9% then slow burn to 56% 

Series: Twisted Cross RanchType of Series
Tropes: Age gap, why choose, cowboy, mafia adjacent, close proximity, heroine in danger, enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, family series, suspense