Until Dawn by Gwendolyn Grace

Series: Happily Ever Alpha World
PoP: 44%
Rate: 3/5 Stars
PoV: Dual 1st person
Tropes: Second Chance; Small Town

This book, I enjoyed it, but there is something that I can’t put my finger on that I didn’t connect with. Lennon is a woman that has come a long way from her mean girl high school days.  She truly understands that she wasn’t the best person and is making the effort to be better.  There are times when she slips; and there are times when she questions whether or not she has actually become a better person, but as the story unfolds, you see she truly has.

Max is a man that went to school with Lennon but moved away for many years and is coming back to his hometown area.  They had gone on a date, but it never went anywhere.  But things quickly change when they reconnect.  I enjoyed the way in which Max supports Lennon and while he hasn’t known her as an adult doesn’t allow his past thoughts or outsider’s opinions form any bias on how he treats her.

Lennon isn’t without issue, and there is a light suspense element that is thoughtful and entertaining.  I liked the way in which these two moves forward organically, but there was something more that I wanted.  I just didn’t connect with the characters in the way that I wanted.  The author’s story was strong, and the editing was done well, but there was a flatness to the characters that I couldn’t get past.  I would give this author another try though, because maybe it is my love of THE BOOM of the HEA World that I wanted more from this story.