Gorgeous Prince by Charity Farrell

“Experience the Intensity of Love and Intrigue in ‘Gorgeous Prince’ by Charity Farrell – An Unforgettable Arranged Marriage Mafia Romance!”

The story of Benny and Neomi in their unexpected arranged marriage was a delightful journey filled with intriguing characters. Unlike the smooth sailing we witnessed in the small glimpse of them at the end of Gorgeous Monster, their union was far from desired by either party.

Their initial encounters were marred by anger and resentment, as they found themselves constantly at odds with each other. It fascinated me how they could effortlessly push each other’s buttons, engaging in fiery exchanges where neither of them backed down, even when they knew the outcome wouldn’t be favorable. It was a captivating battle of wills, witnessing their refusal to succumb to their growing attraction.

These two are a captivating combination of desire and disorder. Although they initially believed that feelings and falling in love were inconvenient, their undeniable chemistry made it impossible to resist. Even before their contractual marriage, they were inexplicably drawn to each other, with every encounter fueling their connection. Despite the looming presence of the contract, they never took the time to examine the depth of their attraction. It was evident to everyone except themselves.

Benny’s change of heart regarding Neomi was swift and amusing. As their trust in each other grew, so did their ability to communicate, creating an organic evolution in their relationship. They continued to playfully taunt each other even when things between them became more serious. Ultimately, they remained true to themselves, but with a heightened synergy when they were together. That’s where the magic happened.

While the story begins with some dramatic moments involving other women that readers familiar with Gorgeous Monster will recognize, the resolution is not overly angsty. Benny redeems himself for his questionable actions, showing growth and maturity. Despite Neomi’s chaotic nature, she proves to be fiercely supportive when it truly matters, displaying her loyalty to her fellow women.

This scorching and tense mafia tale of a forced marriage bursts with intense emotions and a dark, dangerous plot. The romance and the intrigue of the mafia world both had me completely captivated.

I am eagerly anticipating the next book, as this one left me practically salivating. From the moment I read Gorgeous Monster, I knew it was the story I craved. This installment only intensified my excitement for what’s to come.

Book Stats:
Rating: 4/5
Series : (Marchetti Mafia #2)
Interconnected Standalone
Tropes: alphaholeanti-heroarranged-marriagebillionairedanger-stalker-kidnappingdarkdirty-talkerenemies-to-loversforced-marriageforced-proximitymafiaoppositespossessive-alpha-heroprotectorreadvirgin-trope