Review: Beautifully Cruel by J.T. Geissinger

Truvy Sullivan.  Brilliant Law student by day, diner waitress by night.  Seeker of justice. Daughter to the world’s #1 Dolly Parton Fan.  A good-hearted hard-working girl.  Randomly over the last 11 months Truvy has been waiting on the man in the black suit. He is strong and mysterious like a wolf.  In Truvy’s mind they have a connection.  She knows that eventually it will be something.  He is an enigma. He comes in at random times to have on cup of coffee and simple watch Truvy as she works her nighttime diner shift. 

The man in the black suit is Liam Black. He is a completely alpha driven male.  (He might be the most over the top driven Alpha male I have read recently.)  He is the ruler of his world.  He is an enigma.  But there is something more there. 

Typically, mafia Romances are not my thing.  They often come off as controlling and predatory.  But something about the description of this book pulled me in.  I skeptically dove in not sure exactly what I would find.  I tend to like a strong alpha male with a hard shell, but a super soft heart and I wasn’t sure Liam Black could be that guy.  I thought he was going to be this totally tough alpha male who makes all bend to his whims.  He is all these things!  He does have all bending to his will.  He is strong and controlling.  He is freaking sexy as hell, but his heart is drawn to Truvy, even though he know it will be a mistake.

I devoured every word of this book.  It was all encompassing.  It checks all the boxes for me.  This was my first time reading J.T. Geissinger.  She has this amazing ability with her word to suck you in.  In this story created she shines lights in the nooks and crannies where you didn’t even know you need to see.  Her characters felt real.  You felt their emotions and their struggles.  I was with Truvy every step of this story as she fought for herself and her heart.  How she wanted to hold Liam responsibly for the choices he was making and help him realize he could risk loving her. 

This was a 5/5 read for me.  There were moments of humor.  There was moments of huge emotions and feelings.  There were twist and turns that take you by surprise and leave your mouth gaping.  I will be going back and exploring more of the world that J.T. Geissinger has created.  This should be on every one’s TBR Pile.