Bona Fide by Hazel Grace

After reading Catfish by Hazel Grace I simply had to read part two of Wade and Reagan’s story. I really needed some resolution of storylines. Book Two starts out with a punch to the gut of craziness. The author dove into the deep end off the cliff with out look at the start of BF. The bucket of cold water that she writes just adds to the chaotic nature of the whole series. So many shocking moments and gut wrenching in this story. This was not in any way a predictable story. The author has a unique way of telling a story. The twist and turns of this story at times is overwhelming but over all I was hooked and had to see how it ended. This is a long story with 50 some chapters but even then, the story is engaging and will keep you guess. The best part of the story is the characters themselves. They are imperfect humans with lots of baggage. Wade and Reagan have an amazing connection that has you holding all hope that they will be able to overcome every obstacle and find contentment in each other’s arms. This book is an angst filled political romance or romantic drama. There are lots and lots of drama for sure. If you are a big fan of drama and angst filled romance, you will want to read this series. This was a 4/5 Read for me. It filled all my expectations of the series. At times, the chaos is hard to keep track of. It is one big moment after another and at time becomes overwhelming and hard to keep track of.