Starry Eyed Love | Helena Hunting

London has to be the sweetest of the Spark sisters. I fell in love with her immediately. I love how creative she is.  She has set aside a lot of the things that she enjoys and desires for her family.  And it is clear that both of her sisters don’t see it.  Her sister Avery who we met in a previous book appears to not notice London at all or hard she is working to maintain Spark House. When a new green opportunity comes along for London and her sisters she takes the lead and that is where Jackson comes in.
Jackson is a famous CEO and works a lot, he gives his all to his company. But it is clear that he is lonely.  He has his best friend, Trent, to look out for him and he surrounds himself with a found family, but he is alone.  

When Jackon and London begin to work with each other and start to collaborate on a project.  The two of them began to flirt over a Google doc that was color coded. I was ALL IN friends. ALL IN!  Only Helena could make this as hilarious and serious at the same time.  The fact that they are bantering in a Google Doc just made me chuckle!  Even as Jackson is desperately trying to distance himself from London due to work he just can’t.  They have this easy relationship and chemistry that outsiders can see from the start.  Jackson is also one of the few people in London’s life that sees her.  See’s that she is overwhelmed and not fulfilled.  He is seriously attentive and so swoon worthy! I love how their relationship progressed.  Jackson and London are a couple that you wish you could be friends with because they are kind and genuine people but also a lot of fun!  If you are a fan of Helena’s other series you will love some cameo’s from them, too! It was an amazing surprise and I can’t wait for Harley Spark to get her HEA, because she is such a sweetheart!