Hot Shots Mistake | Gina Azzi

Hot Shot’s Mistake is the first book in Gina’s new Tennessee Thunderbolts.  I have been eagerly awaiting the release of this book since she wrapped up her Boston series.  We meet Devon when he steps off the plane into the stifling Tennessee heat.  To say he doesn’t want to be there is an understatement.  This man thinks that he is hot stuff.  Fresh of an injury he is slated to be the hot shot of the team.  But Tennessee’s small town life is a far cry from his big city life in New York. Devon is hell bent on making this a quick stop and not getting too attached.  In walks, Mila.   Mila, fresh off a scandal of her ex’s making, she is the new physical therapist for the rebuilding team.  Born and raised in the area she has a lot of ties to the community and not all of them are great.  The way that Mila and Devon’s relationship flowed felt very natural and they were a great pair. Once they went there they were all in.  I also thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the team.  This group of players took Mile in and loved her like a little sister.  They were extremely protective of her.  

I really loved the small town feel and the premise of the team bonding.  It was a perfect way to get to know the characters, and of course, Gina gave us just enough to keep us wanting more from each of them.  I am looking forward to what else Gina has in store for this new series!