Finding the Road to Us by Carrie Ann Ryan

“Finding the Road to Us” takes readers on a captivating journey through the complexities of love, secrets, and self-discovery in a MMF romance that is both emotionally charged and wonderfully nuanced. As the final Wilder brother, Elliot, steps into the limelight, the narrative unfolds with a rich tapestry of hidden emotions and unforeseen connections. 

Elliot Wilder, burdened by the weight of undisclosed secrets and a life lived in the shadows of his siblings, finds himself at a crossroads. The author skillfully portrays his internal struggles and uncertainties, creating a character whose journey becomes a poignant exploration of identity and desire. Elliot’s realization of his feelings for Trace adds an extra layer of vulnerability and authenticity to the story. 

Trace, a man adept at guarding his own secrets and distancing himself from his family, emerges as a complex character with a past that fuels his desire for independence. The intricate dynamics of his relationship with Elliot, juxtaposed against the backdrop of family ties and personal convictions, make for a compelling narrative that keeps readers eagerly turning the pages. 

The introduction of Sidney adds a refreshing dynamic to the storyline. A strong, independent woman who challenges familial expectations and strives for self-sufficiency, Sidney becomes a pivotal character in the trio’s journey. The unexpected twist at her mother and sister’s wedding sets the stage for a tale of resilience, support, and the unpredictable nature of love. 

As the story unfolds a year later, the narrative delves into the intricate process of revealing secrets, confronting truths, and the profound healing that follows. The author expertly navigates the challenges the trio faces, balancing the intricacies of their relationship with the external forces that threaten to unravel their newfound connection. 

“Finding the Road to Us” is not just a romance; it’s a story of self-discovery, acceptance, and the strength found in unexpected bonds. The characters’ struggles and triumphs are woven together seamlessly, creating a narrative that is both heartwarming and emotionally charged. With its exploration of love, identity, and the unpredictable nature of life, this MMF romance is a compelling and satisfying read for fans of the genre. 

Rating: 4/5
Tropes: MMF, Close Proximity, Jilted Bride, Small Town, co-workers
Series: Wilder Brothers
Pop: 47%
3rd Act Break up- No