My Lucky #13 by Piper Rayne

Hockey Hotties Series Book #1

This was my first Piper Ranye book, but it will not be my last!  From page one I was laughing, so I knew I was in for a good time!  And this book didn’t disappoint!  

Let’s start with Aiden.  At first I was like oh great he is going to be a cocky arrogant jerk.  I mean he says that he doesn’t need luck….he doesn’t believe in it!  Except now he is in a little bit of a slump and is thinking that he might need a little luck afterall.  That and he cannot get the girl from New Year’s Eve out of his mind.  The girl from NYE, that is Saige.  Who also happened to be there with his agent.  Yep.  

If there is ever a girl you want to be besties with it is Saige.  She is a badass social media consultant to athletes. She for sure has her work cut out for her! This girl is funny, driven and a great friend.  But she has a little chip on her shoulder when it comes to love…..not that it wasn’t warranted but a chip nonetheless.  Then waltzing into her life is Aiden Drake.  Just the hottest (on and off the ice) hockey star in town.  And he has his sights set on her.  He has a pretty crazy proposition for her.  

As the pair embark on a journey of friendship it becomes clear that the cocky arrogant hockey player so many see is not the real Aiden Drake.  No, this Aiden is sweet, funny, and a little guarded.  As the two become quick friends.  The pair have fun adventures.  Aiden still makes it clear that he is interested in her as more than friends, but Saige is working very hard to protect her heart.  When Siage is face to face with the reason she is so guarded, Aiden steps in right away to help a girl out.  I think that is actually when I fell head over heels for this guy.  It took these two a little while to get to the steam stuff, but to be honest I really enjoyed how their story flowed.  It really felt like they needed the time to get to know each other.  But once they did get together it was pretty steamy.  And so hot.  This pair not only has some great chemistry but they also have great banter with each other.  

I loved how these authors focused on Aiden and Siage, but also gave us insight into the team, the friend group!  I am anxiously awaiting the release of book #2 in this series! I cannot wait for more of this crew of people!  If you love a sports romance, a slow burn, some funny witty banter, hilarious friend groups, and some sexy steamy scenes then I would highly recommend you pick up this series today!