Steam: 2.5/5
Trope: slow burn, accidental pregnancy, one night stand,
Series: Book 1 in the King of Water Standalone Series

A New Year’s Eve to remember.  Harper a recent young divorcee, spend her new years with a sexy stranger she picks up in the bar.  Last thing she expected after an amazing night and sneaking out the next morning was to discover week later that she is pregnant. With the help of a billboard, she figures out just who her New Year’s Eve hook up is. Harper discovers not only does Ryan live across the country, but her dad is his swim coach.

Let’s talk about Harper.  My heart breaks for her in this story. She is truly alone. Recently divorced, jobless, best friend moved across the ocean, her mom is gone on an extended honeymoon and her dad lives on the other side of the country. She is still relatively young.  There are times in this story I wanted to shake her. Her feelings are very valid, but I am not sure why it took her so long to realize it made sense to go be with her dad.  I mean the book takes place over a course of 8 weeks but still. Because at the end of the day even if Ryan had turned out to be a bum, she would have had her stepmom and dad there for support.  Also secrets never work!  Why she waited!! UGH

Ryan, had all the right words and thoughts. He is very swoony.  I felt him to be very likeable. I just wanted more of him!

Secret Plunge by Jasmin Miller is book 1 in the Kings of the Water series. This was a lighthearted, quick sports romance with the accidental pregnancy trope. The Accidental/Surprise Pregnancy trope can often times fall flat but this is very well done.  The Characters build a connection through conversation because of the circumstance instead of simply the circumstances. 

This is a very sweet and easy read. I loved how their relationship developed with the text exchanges between Ryan & Harper. It gave us a chance to get to know them when they were miles apart. It also helped give a natural feel to their emotional development.   This was my first read by the author. My only complaint it I would have loved more chemistry on the page between them.  I do feel like the story just got started and the book ended.