More Than a Hope by Kennedy Mitchell

Book #3 in the trilogy More Than a Threat

A few months ago Kennedy Mitchell was recommended to me, and I quickly devoured an entire series of hers. She does not disappoint! This series is a little different from some of the books that I have been reading the last few years. First, this series centers around one couple, Kate and Weston.  Second, the book is not a dual point of view. The book is through Kate’s eyes only.  

I would highly recommend that you read the first two books before reading the third. While Mitchell does a great job of making sure readers know who all of the characters are, there are parts of the storyline that might not make sense to a reader.  

The connection that Weston and Kate have with each other is very evident even before Weston returns from training.  You can feel the love and connection that Kate and Weston share through their communication with each other and Kate’s thoughts.  It is clear that there has been some traumatic experiences that the pair have shared.  As they work together with Weston’s team to take down some seriously awful people, Kate and Weston’s relationship grows.  One of the things that I adored most about Weston was that he did not try to change Kate.  He loved and accepted for who she was a successful, strong, and driven woman. While he almost always doesn’t love what Kate is doing, he still stands behind her supporting her and making sure she is safe.  Kate is a pretty phenomenal woman.  One she is super smart, she is an ER Doctor by day and so very headstrong.  Throughout the book she has one goal, helping as many people as she can.  Then there is Weston.  Wow.  He is the thing that book boyfriends are made of.  He is HOT, loves Kate with his whole soul. He supports her all while protecting her.  Did I mention that he is hot? 

Before diving into this series I knew little about the background of this series. I am not one that needs trigger warnings, but I know that others do. There is a lot of talk about human trafficking.  Weston, Kate and the team are working hard to take down the human traffickers, but know they are around some seriously terrible people.  So if that is not for you, then you might want to skip this series.  That all being said, this book kept me on the edge of my seat and I could not put it down! These characters have amazing chemistry, the story was suspenseful and not overly played out, and some great steamy scenes.  Not only that I have been thinking not only about Kate & Weston but the rest of their crew.  I need more of this team.  These guys and gal need their HEA, too!!! 

This romantic suspense series is available on KU.