Review: Gaming Grace by Piper J Drake.

Grace- one word- Uptight!  Seriously who takes only pants on a cruise, not one pair of shorts?  Bless her heart but Grace really needs to loosen up.  I wasn’t sure I would like Grace; she is a little too much type a for me.  The fact that her vacation was part of a plan to help her get a promotion was kind of ridiculous.  But give this girl some Pineapple alcohol infused slushies and she is finally relaxed enough to be enjoy her vacation.

It also helps when a sexy app developer takes in interest in her.  Bryan is all things Grace needs.  Bryan’s confidence and easy nature is so sexy.  I love how he challenges Grace.  Respecting her boundaries but also pushing her to help him test out the app. 

I loved this story and watching as these two fell in love, and boy was the love just jumping off the pages.  Their steamy affair or vacation fling was the start of a great love affair.  The story was sweet and beautiful with just the right amount of sexy.  I loved that these two strangers found their one great love amid the chaos of a singles cruise. 

This was my first time reading a story written a story by Piper J. Drake.  I can guarantee I will be consuming the rest of her books.  Her way with words and situations was fantastic.  I really enjoyed Gamin Grace.  This was a 4.5 out of 5 for me.  Gaming Grace is part of the Gone Wild Series but can 100% be read as a stand along.  There is very limited cross over with the other characters.