One Way Back to Me | Carrie Ann Ryan

Eli Wilder is the oldest of 7 children.  After retiring from the military he and his five brothers, also former military, purchased a resort in Texas.  As they learn how to live and work together after so many years apart.  The Wilder Resort is in desperate need of a new Wedding Planner, and Alexis Lane is in desperate need of a new job and a fresh start.  When she arrives for her interview she realizes she has met the hunky resort owner, Eli previously.  And the sparks flew, friends.  I love the connection that this pair shared. This book was difficult to put down, from page one Carrie Ann Ryan had my full attention.  First off, this world that Ryan is building is so beautiful.  I love how she not only describes each of the brothers, but you truly feel like you know them from the start.  They are all different and yet so similar at the same time.  Family is everything to these Wilder siblings and they are determined one to see each other happy but also run a successful business. 

Eli and Alexis tried their very hardest to ignore their attraction. This pair is a little older and have some life experiences behind them, along with those experiences are hurts and pasts. When Alexis’ past shows up I appreciated how Eli stepped in and protected what was his.  Eli Wilder is what book boyfriends are made of.  He is hard working, fiercely protective, adores his family, and treats Alexis’ like she hung the moon.  This pair built a beautiful friendship and I appreciated their humor and banter.  They are a couple that you would love to hang out with, drink some wine and enjoy the Texas sunset.  

If you love a well developed family series with some steam then I would highly recommend this book! Carrie Ann Ryan has moved to the top of my pre-order author list! And speaking of pre-orders…you are going to want to pre-order book 2 in this series because it is going to be epic.