Review: Sunshine and Sammy by Melanie Moreland

Rating: 4.5/5  PoP: 34%  Vested Interest: ABC Corp #5

You may remember Sammy Morrison from Van and Oliva’s book in the Vested Interest Series as their daughter. But even if you did not read it, everything you would need to know is covered in this book. Sammy is making a path of her own that is kind of a combination of her parents careers. She takes on renovations of small business ideas to help make them profitable and records the transformation for network television. She is a force to be reckoned with and Luke Adler soon discovers that. Their meet-cute sets the stage for the dynamic of their relationship. 

Luke’s sister Rachel has pitched a concept of making their ranch into an adventure experience as well as a working ranch in an effort to make a profit. Sammy  loved the idea and has been planning for months on how to make Rachel’s dream come true. But when Sammy arrives on the ranch, she is not what Luke had been prepared for. Luke is a gruf rancher trying to keep his family’s legacy afloat. He has been hurt multiple times in the past that has left him guarded and scarred. Sammy is happy with her life, it is a bit nomadic but she enjoys what she does. There is an instant chemistry between the two that they cannot help but give into.

I do not usually read cowboy (although Luke would disagree about being a cowboy) romances. I cannot speak to the accuracy of Luke’s work, but it seemed like a reasonable load of responsibilities for someone running a ranch. The imagery that Melanie uses allows the reader to develop a vivid picture of the ranch and life there. You cannot help but fall in love and what to visit as well. I like how the accident with Rachel’s fiancé made Sammy and Luke’s initial interactions possible. We see both the characters grow and change over the course of the book in a believable way. I love how Sammy is willing to call Luke out on his jerk behaviors and he is also willing to apologize when need be. Sammy quickly became my favorite of the ABC group.