Review: Maggie Moves On by Lucy Score

Rating: 3/5
Trope: HGTV inspires, Found family, instant connection, small town, Opposites attract,
POP: 55%

Maggie Moves On is an HGTV inspired romance.  I am not a huge fan of the HGTV romance trend but I figured I would give it a shot because I am a fan of Lucy Score.    

Maggie Nichols  is taking on the project of a life time.  She is a is a you-tuber who tackles Fixer Up Home renovations.   The old Campbell Place in Kinship, Idaho is the Project that is going to make or break her.  She hires a team to help her with this historic property. What Maggie doesn’t count on is when her hot landscaper, Silas Wright, falls madly in love with her at first glance.

Silas is a guy who sticks.  Silas has a bit of a come on strong personality, like almost Axe Body spray, sometimes less is more. I found Silas to be overbearing and a bit much.   I hate that he really did not listen to Maggie.  He would ignore her and just try to charm his way out of it.   He sticks to Maggie like a fly in a sticky trap and at times I wanted to punch him for her. 

Maggie was funny and very witty in this book.  I really liked her and enjoyed her tremendously.  Maggie has a lot of emotional baggage that was real and understandable. I am so glad her character arc had her facing that and to stop using her partner Dean as a crutch. I Maggie had so many moments that I felt like her character really flourished. 

Silas’ family was a bright spot in this book alone with Kevin.  I love a floof who adds to a story! 

One of things that I really struggled with was the over descriptive nature of the writing.  I know that Lucy Score can write a chunky book but at times there was too much.  The description in the book about the house renovation had me skipping pages.    

I did like how the author used the parallel of a “fixer upper” with both the house and for Maggie.  It did create some very relatable responses and actions to situations.  I struggled all with the over-the-top nature of the hero and the way he seems to steamroll over Maggie’s.  The Narration of the story and writing was the quality I expect from the author, but it did seem a bit long and overly descriptive for no reason.  What I didn’t like about this book was the instant love/attraction. Silas was just to much for me.

If you are looking for a books with found family, a meddling dog, a grumpy old man and even a little mystery, but are also a lover of the DIY show you might want to check it out.