Review: Best Friend Temptation by Carrie Ann Ryan

Ford and Noah, who are best friends and business partners, have managed to maintain a professional relationship despite their mutual attraction. However, when Greer, who has had a crush on both men, moves in with them, the trio is faced with the challenge of navigating their growing chemistry and the potential for more. The story beautifully emphasizes the importance of communication and the bonds between the three characters alongside their physical chemistry. Each character has their own struggles and secrets, which adds depth to their relationship.

Noah and Ford share a close friendship and living arrangement, but they both harbor deep romantic feelings for Greer and each other. Despite their strong connection, societal norms and preconceptions have prevented them from recognizing their true desires. It takes a special person to help them realize that what they truly want is each other. This Trio is HOT!

Noah’s tendency to sacrifice his happiness and question his place in the house is a point of concern, as he believes that Ford and Greer will eventually be a couple without him. However, the story highlights that their relationship is truly a trio, with individual connections between each member being equally significant.

The coming together of the three families – the Montgomerys, Cages, and Cassidys – adds a heartwarming aspect to the tale, as they offer support and protection.

I found this story highly enjoyable, appreciating the intricate dynamics it explored. It skillfully balanced scenes with all the characters together and those in individual pairings, allowing us to witness the gradual development of their relationships. Additionally, the intriguing touch of mystery and suspense added an extra layer of enjoyment to the narrative.

Book Stats:
Rating: 4/5
Series Montgomery Ink Legacy
Tropes: bakery, close-proximity, friends-to-lovers, mmf, next-gen, pining-for-her,  roommates

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