Review: Bittersweet Promises by Carrie Ann Ryan  

Rating: 4/5
Seires: Montgomery Legacy
Series Type: Standalone
Trope: Single mom, second chance, family series, next gen, bearded hero
Pop: 56%
CW: sexual and physical assault, past child abuse, death of parents, past drug use,

I am ready for the next gen in the Montgomery Series. This family is so proud and so dynamic. There is a care and belong that comes with this family just by being in their orbit.  

I have read this Family completely out of order picking up books here and there and mixing all the different branches. Each book stands on it’s own. With each story we get a lay of the land of who is who with our crowded pages or to many names being thrown at you. Carrie Ann Ryan has a true talent for story telling and transporting the reader into this world no matter which direction you come from.  

Leif has just found his space and his place of belonging. He along with his friend and cousins has opened Mongomery Ink Legacy. This tattoo shop is his place to show that he can live up to the family name but also holding his place within. Leif came to know he was a Montgomery in a way that made him question his belonging and feeling like he needed to prove something.  

Brooke is the girl that broke Leif’s heart and the girl who got away, ten years ago. A Passionate affair in Paris that was supposed to lead to a reunion once they returned stateside – never happened. Leaving both of them with some pretty big unresolved issues. Brooke has return to Dever for advancement in career and to put some strong roots down for her little boy Luke. She and Luke are alone and the world and have spent the past 5 years doing everything on their own.  

I really liked how this story plays out. Both these characters have these strong and self-reliant personalities. Instead of constantly butting heads when they talk, they realize they are better together. That it is ok to open up and to ask for help. Because it is a second chance romance and the two of them needing to reconnect all these years later with different roles there is a slow burn aspect to the story. Together they have great chemistry and they both really work for the HEA. If you are looking for a well down second chance romance I would recommend Bittersweet Promises.