More Small Towns for your TBR

As I prepared for the Buzzing about Romance recent podcast episodes it became apparent that I really love small town romances. I shared 5 of my favorites in that episode. Here are a few more that stand out that I think should be on your TBR.

I do believe that Catherine Cowles might be the queen of small town romances. She has a special way she describes and builds her towns that make them stay with your soul. She creates an almost real community that has you packing your bags and wanting to move there. I have not lived in the Pacific Northwest but with the way Cowles describes it, the setting seems slightly magical and rife with stalkers, murders and preppers.
One of my Favorite series from her is her current Tattered and Torn Series. My favorite in this series is either book 3 or 4. Both are so well written. The town featured in this series is Wolf Gap. It takes place in the mountains of Oregon. The town has not been without its past. It is small and quaint and everyone knows everyone’s business. I really enjoy the characters of the town. This series will be complete on 10/25/2022

Someone else who does amazing small town is author Devney Perry. My favorite by her is The Edens of Quincy Montana. The family series follows 5 siblings as they start to make their way in the town and find their HEA. Book 1 has some suspense elements to it. Book 1-3 are out with Book 4 and 5 coming in 2023.

If you have not read author Jennifer Dawson you are missing out. She is another author that does small town right! Her Something New Series takes place in Revival, Illinois. It is a small town with lots of blue collar feels to it. It doesn’t use the trope of the small town law enforcement. So if one of the things you don’t like about small towns is the push of the local law enforcement you should check out this series. Town is situated with a few hours of Chicago so there are parts that take place in the city. It is a great series with all the coming home feelings. If you enjoyed the movie Sweet Home Alabama you should 100% check out this series. This is a complete Series

Author Kelly Elliott has a few small town romances that I enjoy. Some take place in Montana, some in Texas. I have read 2 from her but the others are on my TBR. My favorite from her is the Meet Me in Montana Series. Cowboys, small town what else could you ask for? The author is headed back Hamilton, Montana in early 2023 for a next gen series that I can not wait for!

Author Samanthe Beck transports to the small town of Blue Lick, KY with her Private Pleasures series. This small town romance is super spicy with hot firemen and bad boys. There is also the fun pieces like the local diner and some pretty fun town characters. Samanthe writes small town so well and if you have not read her books I recommend them. She also has a series in small town Alaska that is very good.