The Score Keeper by Gina Azzi

POV: Dual 1st Person
Trope: Age Gap; Friends to Lovers; Forbidden Love
PoP: 42%
Rate: 5/5 Stars
Release Date: March 3, 2022

As a huge fan of the Boston Hawks Hockey series… I think that Gina Azzi left the best for last. This story was compelling, emotional, and just about perfect. She seamlessly blended the story of Scott and Noelle’s journey from acquaintances to love while creating the steppingstones into her new series. 

Noelle and Scott have been dancing around each other for a long time. Scott as the owner of the Hawks and Noelle is the daughter of his New York rival. There has always been attraction, but life held them back. 

When Noelle moves to Boston, Scott decides that all bets are off, and he is going after what he wants. They aren’t without faults or issue, and there are moments when you want to yell at them for their lack of communication. But their lack of navigating this new relationship gives them realistic feel. You can feel their turmoil when they are working though their problems. But you also appreciate the mature ways in which they deal. 

We get visits from other players, but the BHH women are the true stars if this book. And I know we aren’t seeing the last of them with the transitions into the new series. My only gripe about this book is I feel as though the name does not match at all, but I can overlook that because of how well it was executed.