The Hacker | Renee Rose

After a friend recommended The Chicago Bratva series, I binge read the first four books in 3 days.  To say I devoured them would be an understatement.  I love mafia romance, and this series is up there as some of my favorites!  It feels like I have been waiting forever for Dema’s book, but it’s really only been a few weeks.  In previous books he was always quiet and a little reserved. He was either going to be a big softie or super intense.  Well, he was a lot more intense than I thought he was going to be.  While the connection he has with Natasha is front and center, I also enjoyed the connection and relationship he has with his twin, Nikolai.  I think Rose did an amazing job including their bond, but didn’t allow it to take over the book.  It was obvious as a reader they had a deep connection.  As for Natasha, I couldn’t wait to see more of her after meeting her in previous books.  One of the things I enjoy most about this series is that all of the ladies are different.  Natasha is sweet, but also stands up for herself.  She is driven, but will also be sensical about her choices.  She is also very smart, but some old hang ups cloud her judgement at times.  There were so many times in this book that my heart broke for her.  Dema struggles to keep his feelings for Natasha in check, and Natasha tries her darndest to push him out of that comfort zone.  When they finally connected it was steamy, and little kinky! Which I was here for!  I loved the angst. And to be honest, I am not one that loves a lot of angst, but this had the right amount.  There was some added twists and turns and I was anxiously awaiting how it was all going to play out.  If you like an alpha male on the grumpy side that will fall hard for his girl, then this is the book for you! Honestly, this whole series is amazing and I have recommended it several times!  December and Nikolai’s book cannot come soon enough for this girl!