Review: Temporarily in Love by Danica Flynn

Rating 5/5
Series: MacGregor Brothers Brewing Company #3
Tropes: Small town, second chance, Family series, Wine and Dine,
Pop: 28%

This book is on Fire!!! This book is so delightful and sexy. This was a second chance romance that worked and made sense as to why they have been a part for 16 yrs. Declan and Lila are so human in their choices. Neither has been perfect but in the end, they are both realize they always will belong to each other.   

Declan was so vulnerable in his feelings but tries so hard to act as if he is ok with things as they are. I liked that he was willing to put himself out there even if with the chance he would end up heartbroken. He never tried to change who he was or act like he did not care. He took a risk with his heart and paid off. I really enjoyed the author giving us a very really description of body type. Declan is skinny with point elbows and knobby knees. I liked that it was not the typical buff hero. It adds a realness to the story and show the author is thinking about all body types and showing not everyone is the same.  

Lila seemed focused and determined in her choices but really, she was questioning where she belonged and what she truly wanted. The author captures the feelings of having to make tough choices and figuring out what is right for right now.  

What a great escape this story was, add in some of my favorites from Drakesville and some new brothers (I hope we get to meet in other books) this was a fantastic small-town romance. It has all the fall vibes you need right now with pumpkin beer, fall festivals and a cozy Irish family. I highly recommend this book if you are looking for some super spicy small town romance with great characters.