Riggs | Sawyer Bennett

I am not really sure why, but I was half in love with Riggs before this book started.  I loved how he tried really hard to separate himself from his teammates.  I felt like he was really trying to do the best thing for his sister.  And when I read the blurb that Veronica, Clark’s best friend was the heroine.  I fully stopped and eagerly awaited this to arrive on my Kindle! 

Grumpy and Sassy sunshine is how I like to think of this pair.  Veronica is a cheery lady and always so nice to everyone.  But her ex really did a number on her emotionally.  Veronica and Clark are an unlikely pair of friends, but they work perfectly together.  I especially enjoyed Clark pushing Veronica out of her comfort zone and encouraging her to do something for herself.  

Riggs is the grumpiest of grumpy guys.  Upon his move to Arizona he also takes custody of his sister, Janelle.  It is a learning curve for both of them, and adjusting was hard.  Riggs closed himself off from his teammates and tried to keep his personal life personal.  He plays hockey, but that is about all.  He does grow close with Baden and I simply adored their little chats they had.  Both of their personalities shined.

This is one of the most fiery enemies to lovers I have read to date.  When these two are in the same room alone it is so steamy….and their secret little rendezvous are fantastic.  Although Riggs and Veronica’s relationship is at center stage, the relationship that Janelle and Veronica build totally warmed my heart.  Veronica so freely opens herself to Janelle letting her see the real her, and including her in her boisterous beautiful family life! Veronica definitely has a persona that she plays off to those that really don’t know her, and it works.  It keeps people at a distance. But Veronica is a fierce woman that will stop at nothing to protect and love those that mean everything to her.  The fierce way they both love is ultimately what brings them together, and that love isn’t a weakness it can actually make you stronger.  Along with Riggs and Veronica we get little snippets into the lives of the other players and their ladies! If you have not read the other books in this series, you need to ASAP! 

Heads up, you will be getting an intro to Baden’s story, and TRUST me you DO NOT want to miss it.  Sawyer Bennett has always been a pre-order author for me, but friends I was agog. There were tears…lots of them.   You are not going to want to miss this snippet.  Just trust me….and then come thank me later!