For years Manning has limited himself to surviving, choosing to stay in a horrible marriage.
He is just living day top day in his own personal purgatory for the sake of his.  He will do everything he can to protect his son.  Hockey and son are all the matter to Manning.  He pretty much just lives with his head down doing the best he can in hopes that one day Murielle will leave.  That she will admit their marriage is over. 

Evelyn just got back in town after a bad break up. Work and family are her only interests. She never imagined that one night with a handsome stranger would have turn her world upside down.

I was all in on this story from page one.  Manning the dreams book boyfriends.  The way he makes his son his priority over all else. Even though his wife is a monster. He is respectful to her.  He tries so hard to just keep his head down.  But all it takes is one night with Evelyn to realize he wants more from life.  More for himself, more for his son. 

Evelyn is also amazing: she is ready to give up on love and just to do the right thing and walk away from Manning.  She was willing to put her own desires aside and walk away. 

This can be read as a standalone or part of the series.  It was so good.  It was such a powerful story of realization that you must sometimes risk it all and put yourself first.  That in the end it will be better for everyone you love.