Review: Lizzy Goes Brain Over Braun

Rating: 5/5 Stars
Steam: 4/5 Steam (Not overly sexy but some great flirting and chemistry bring up the steam level)
Trope: Billionaire, Fling (No strings), Instant Chemistry

Review: Turning forty is a turning point for a lot of women.  Successful real estate broker Lizzy Stephenson is no different.   Lizzy is a stubborn, strong, independent woman who thought she knew exactly what she wanted. Then one drunken night, she starts speaking her hidden truth. 

With the help of her closest friends and co-workers Lizzy finds herself on the receiving end of phone calls from strangers willing to help her with her recently realized truths.  Lizzy is looking for a no strings attached relationship that would end with a baby.

Braun is just the guy for the job. A man on the verge of billionaire success, he is willing to step up and give Lizzy exactly what she needs. No strings, just a baby. So, he gets to indulge his every fantasy with this gorgeous woman until the deed is done and then they both walk away.

The chemistry in this story is intense. Their passion for one another is overwhelming in the best way.  Lizzy has never had a real relationship and she has no plans for one ever. Things are getting complicated because feelings were never part of the contract and she’s digging her heels in.   

I loved both characters so much. Braun is totally a book boyfriend and so swoony. The man is  a total catch.  Lizzy is a BOSS! She has always thought she would be alone because she was afraid of being hurt. At times I wanted to strangle her as she battled with herself. The emotions in this book are so intense.  Both Characters are relatable and fun.  I really enjoyed them both!

A fun and emotional beginning to a series about six friends who are living their best lives. Successful women who know what they want and aren’t afraid to claim it. A great group of women who don’t need a man but may just want one. Searching for the fairy tale will get us some laugh out loud moments as well as highlight friendships of your ride or dies. A great start to a series about independent women.