Goal Chaser | Stacey Lynn

Kane Andrews, recently named Captain of the Las Vegas Vipers, has focused his life on hockey since his wife divorced him several years ago.  Kane is just an all around good guy.  He is quiet, works hard, and is there when his friends need him.  So when his sister calls him to let him know her best friend is staying with him he jumps right in helping her out.  Emmerysn needed to get out of hometown and away from her ex-fiance ASAP, and when her BFF suggested her brother’s house in Las Vegas she really had no other options.  When Emmersyn lands on Kane’s doorstep he immediately goes into protector mode.  Even though her life is spiraling and shifting from what she thought she knew to making plan B and C she is still so kind and thinks of everyone else.
To start I loved the relationship that they both had with Kane’s sister, Heather.  It is clear that Kane and Heather are very close siblings and he would always step in and help her whenever.  Kane and Heather both have a serious protector streak in them.  Heather and Emmerysn have been friends for so long, and it is an easy friendship where they may not talk everyday but they would always 100% be there for one another.  Kane and Emmersyn build an easy friendship, and from the start you could see the explosive chemistry they would have.  But they also have a deep respect for one another and genuinely enjoy being around each other.   I especially loved how Kane was able to help Emmersny gain her confidence and encouraged her to seek her dreams.  And when they finally own up to their feelings their sexual chemistry is off the charts…these two could not keep their hands off each other.  I have long been a fan of the Las Vegas Vipers series, and this book is no exception.  Kane and Emmersyn are a beautiful pair that face a lot of obstacles together, and work hard to put each of their pasts aside moving on together.  If you love a protective hero, a sweet yet strong heroine, an amazing friend group, marriage of convenience and forced proximity then this should definitely be on your short TBR list.  

Trigger warning: Domestic Abuse