Hades | Anna Hackett

Matteo or Hades as he is known to the secret agent world and his teammates at Sentinel Security is a playboy.  He loves the ladies and ladies love him, but he doesn’t commit.  He’s never had the interest. That is until a CIA analyst appears in his life and they are thrust into danger does he start to understand.  

Gabbi, a CIA analyst and self proclaimed “boring” girl, loves her simple life.  Sure she would like to hear from her family less and maybe a boyfriend would be nice but a nice hot bubble bath and some wine on a Friday night makes her happy. When she meets Matteo for the first time she is beyond taken back by his looks.  But when the pair are caught in the crossfire of some bad people they find themselves running from the bad guys together.

First off, I LOVE LOVE LOVE when a playboy falls hard and fast for a girl.  And even better when she is not only beautiful but smart, kind and caring.  And Gabbi is just that.  She cannot see her own beauty, and has been hurt by those around her so much but her heart is kind.  And to be honest she is just a badass CIA analyst. Matteo’s feelings towards Gabbi were almost instant and he could not shake this girl.  And this man, he is so protective of her.  Matteo fell hard, and those around him picked up on it long before he did, which always makes me so happy.  While these two had some seriously amazing sexual chemistry that is not all that they had.  There was so much easy banter, and playful sexual tension throughout this book.  If you love romantic suspense, an amazing team of agents, a swoony hero that speaks Italian (did I mention he calls her tesoro), a highly intelligent heroine, and missions that take you globetrotting then you need to read this book.  Make sure that you read book #1 in the series, Wolf.  This series is stellar….and to be honest it is a total toss up on which set of characters I want to read next in this series!!!