IRIS | Eden Finley

Book #1 in the NEW Mike Bravo Series

When I saw that Eden Finley was putting out a Special Ops series I was so excited.  Romantic Suspense is one of my favorite sub genres  to read, add in M/M.  Sign me up!  This book jumped into action and I was on the edge of my seat from the first chapter.  There was a quick introduction to the group of men and women of Mike Bravo. 

Iris, or Isaac is so fun loving. Even while serious on a mission you could tell that he was fun.  Saint, or Brock is very serious, and needs a little levity in his life.  While Iris and Saint had met in basic training their military careers brought them in separate directions. A mission halfway around the globe brought them back together.  Saint was severely injured and was brought back on US soil by Iris’ team to get medical treatment and heal.  While the two were always drawn to each other in basic but never knew.  While Saint is recovering Iris is helping him get back on his feet and acclimating to civilian life.  Finley does not shy away from the trauma not only their military serivice has had on them, but also the impact of being openly gay and how others treat them.  While Iris was supported, Saint had a very different experience, and struggled.  Coupled with his injuries and the last mission he was on, Saint leans on Iris heavily for emotional support.  Iris in his fun loving way fully supports him.  When the pair finally give into their attraction their chemistry is off the charts.  Like melting my kindle hot.  There is a particularly epic scene that had me fanning myself, and laughing the next moment. The thing that I appreciated most about this pair is it wasn’t just about chemistry and the physical side of their relationship they had a genuine connection and friendship.  

This Mike Bravo team was simply amazing.  The characters are hilarious, intense, and so diverse.  I CANNOT wait for the rest of the books in this series, and to truth be told I am not sure which one I would choose first! Eden Finely knocked it out of the park on this one, amazing first book in this new series